Thermal Baths in Lesvos

Thermal Baths in Lesvos

Geological rearrangements endowed Lesvos with many thermal springs, which affected the life of the island. The first settlements of prehistory are created near the "miraculous" waters. Today, upgraded or not, offer a unique thermal experience to the modern traveler.

Hot Springs are hiding, in addition to thermal properties, and Brilliant History. It is worth visiting them even if you are not interested in a thermal bath, to feel the past of the place. The area flourished during the Hellenistic era, while the Romans made baths part of their daily routine. Ancient temples, members of which were used in later constructions, vaulted buildings built during the Turkish occupation by pashas who worshiped Lesvos, the Charlitza Pallas hotel designed by French architects who hosted Venizelos, whisper History! The modern bathroom is a renovated building with private baths next to Charlija. The water temperature is 49.9o C, while the source is characterized as ferrous hot grease.

Thermal Baths in LesvosThe Hot Springs Therma Bay of Gera or Loutra Korfos are located just a few kilometers from Mytilene. In previous times, boats and boats moored at the piers of the quiet bay brought here the people of the capital for its warm bath. The water temperature is 39.7 ° C and the source is characterized as sodium chloride. The havouza is impressive, with windows overlooking the sea and marble and stone taps.

The Eftalou hot spring is located on the north coast of Lesvos, very close to Mithymna. The thermal waters gush by the sea, from andesitic places and cobblestones. The water temperature is 46.5o C and with radioactivity 14,7 MACHE is the most radioactive source of Lesvos. The building of the baths, with the elongated curved dome from the 17th century and small skylights, offers a fairytale experience. Another four baths in the adjacent renovated building offer a more modern version of the heating.

Polichnitos Hot Springs are one of the hottest in Europe, sodium chloride and with a temperature between 62o C and 86o C and are located 1km. southeast of the town of Polichnitos, with two swimming pools and modern facilities. Recommended for the treatment of rheumatism and arthropathy.

The thermal spring of Lisvori, hidden in the olive groves, gushing from volcanic cobblestones and volcanic sites. It has a water temperature of 69o C and a similar chemical composition to the springs of the Municipality of Polichnitos. Existhave two swimming pools, one in use by the Turkish occupation!

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